redeye (plural redeyes)

  1. (slang) The last commercial airline flight out of an airport that evening, usually at a bargain price.
    • I can only afford to take the redeye to Boston.
    • I don"t see any more redeyes leaving the airport on tonight"s schedule.
  2. the effect in a photograph taken with flash of a subject"s eyes appearing red due to the reflection of light from the blood vessels in the retina

6 letters in word "redeye": D E E E R Y.

No anagrams for redeye found in this word list.

Words found within redeye:

de dee deer deere dere dey dree drey dry dye dyer ed ee eery er ere ered eye eyed eyer eyre re red rede redye ree reed reede reedy rye ye yede yeed yer yerd